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46                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

guised like a statue, all in white. A gentleman
recognised her by her foot, which is not a pretty
one, and said, " Ah! le vilain pie-de-stal! "

Some time ago she lost a child, and being
seen out the next day by someone who expressed
surprise on the subject, she answered, " L'amour
maternel est un sentiment trop froid pour mon
age." She has given Sapio some of her composi-
tions in music, desiring he would study them.

The King and Queen were at the review of
the Gardes Frangaises yesterday in great splen-
dour, bowing to everyone, notwithstanding which
there was no " Vive le Roi! " All was silent till
the old Marechal de Biron mounted his horse at
the head of his regiment, when he was received
with the loudest acclamations.

5$. In the course of last night an attempt
was made to arrest D'Espremenil and Goilard of
the Parliament, who both escaped to the Palais.
The Parliament sat all day; eleven peers were
present. The arrete of the day before yesterday
was like our Bill of Rights, strong and declaratory
of the just claims of the people. Soldiers sur-
rounded the Palais and suffered no one to go in or
out. Great commotions are expected. Wednesday
is to be the day for destroying the Parliament.
I believe all this will end in gasconnades, either by